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How to clean and store SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges?

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Normally SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges should be discarded after use, but some cartridges can be reused. Only if the cartridges have been experimentally proven to be reusable can the cartridges be cleaned and stored in a proven and correct manner. So how should you clean and store SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges? Let's take a look at them together.

Here is the content list:

  • Selection of cleaning agent

  • Factors affecting the cleaning effect

  • Cleaning method

  • Storage

Selection of cleaning agent

The choice of cleaning agent is based on the effectiveness of the cleaning and the chemical compatibility of the SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges with the cleaning agent. At the same time, the selected cleaning agent should be able to remove and detect the residue, and should not have adverse effects on the produced products. The main role of acid is to remove inorganic salts, and the main role of alkali is to remove biopolymeric fats, proteins, and sugars.

Factors affecting the cleaning effect

Cleaning time, cleaning agent concentration, cleaning temperature affects the effect of cleaning. Usually, as the cleaning temperature increases, the number of dissolved impurities increases, and the cleaning effect is better, but when the temperature reaches a certain value, the cleaning effect is not better with the increase of temperature, and different SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges have different requirements on the use of temperature. The selection of cleaning temperature should be based on the cleaning effect and the characteristics of the cartridge. Cleaning time and detergent concentration must be formulated according to the parameters of cleaning verification, and only when each influencing factor is determined, the cleaning can achieve the established effect.

Cleaning method

First, we need to remove the SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges. You can first drain the water inside the food industry wastewater purifier, and then turn off the power to prevent the sudden operation of the food industry wastewater purifier when removing the cartridge to hurt itself, we can take it down by holding the main cartridge with our hands and rotating it a few times. After taking it down, you will find a lot of dirt on the cartridge, we can use sandpaper to gently wipe it outside first to rub off the dirt, and we should pay attention to the need to choose the right cleaning agent. After wiping with sandpaper, put the SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges under the faucet and rinse with water, rinse a few times and you will find the cartridge is clean, then wait for the air to dry.


The storage time of SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges after use until the start of cleaning, and the storage time after cleaning until sterilization and drying, and the retention time after sterilization until the next use must be verified to ensure the safe use of the filter cartridges. Depending on the drying parameters recommended by the filter cartridge supplier, the cartridges can be dried in a desiccator or blown with sterile compressed air.

You can properly clean and store your SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges according to the above instructions to prolong the service life of your cartridge products. Our SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridges are known for their corrosion resistance and high throughput.

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