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Life Science

Biopharmaceuticals will become one of the pillars of economic growth in China's powerful emerging industries. The production of drugs requires GMP objectives: aseptic drug environment, aseptic manufacturing process management, high standard cleaning ability, efficient recovery of active ingredients, and maximum elimination of all non target active substances, ions, toxins, lipids, proteins, Mycoplasma, colloids, particles, dust, pyrogen, etc The threat. Under the multiple pressures of industry regulation, environmental management, raw material price rise, policy price reduction and drug sales restriction, enterprises need economic and efficient solutions to improve the effective components of target substances and reduce process costs. Hangzhou Dally Union's laboratories have produced with biopharmaceuticals filter cartridges to help enterprises solve potential threats and continuously and efficiently produce to meet the challenges in production and operation.
Sterile API is the foundation and source of pharmaceutical preparation enterprises, and its quality assurance level is directly related to drug safety. In the production process, the material liquid filtration and most of the solvent involved, especially the corrosive solvent filtration, put forward strict requirements for the chemical compatibility of the filter element. Dally combined with its laboratory process validation services to provide metal filter cartridge that meet the predetermined process standards and quality characteristics.
The preparation needs to "mix" the raw materials in some excipients or solvents to reach the required concentration, and can be finally provided to the target for use. Different forms of preparation solve the problem of drug usage and dosage, but also put forward higher requirements for safety. In order to keep the preparation uniform and stable, the effective ingredients meet the drug requirements, and control the potential risks, the process needs to be equipped with accurate filtration solutions to ensure the preparation compliance and safety, and meet the GMP requirements.
Biotechnology is developing rapidly in China. As an important part of modern medicine and biotechnology, biological products play a very important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases, protection and promotion of people's health. Biological products need to go through multiple biological processes, purification and analysis technology to get the target. Physical filtration, with natural advantages, can creatively complete the task, is an indispensable process of biological products.
The public system needs to provide a stable and clean environment for production. For water, gas, compressed air, inert gas, etc., it should meet the cleanliness requirements of corresponding pharmaceutical processes, GMP and corresponding guidelines and regulations. In the pharmaceutical industry, the water needed for production is treated specially. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop or no pollution in the fermentation process, the gas needs to be sterilized and filtered.
Integrity is a key problem in the production and use of filter element. In many fluid (gas or liquid) filtration process, it is required to ensure the integrity of the filter in the final stage of production and after actual use. Therefore, food and drug sterilization filter must have strict integrity test, test documents and records.


It is a high-tech filter element testing laboratory with various professional testing capabilities, such as flow differential pressure test, filtration efficiency test, integrity test, high temperature aging test, SDI test, TOC test, bubble point test, filtration life test, pressure test, pressure maintaining test, metal ion test, etc, Dally filter serves the display panel manufacturing industry and is a leading technology innovation company in the domestic filtering industry. Provide excellent filtration solutions for panel manufacturing, electronic chemicals, new energy and other industries, help customers improve their technical level and product yield, including etching and developing in LCD and OLED manufacturing process.
In the CMP process of "bingjiabizheng", to flatten the silicon wafer or other substrate materials, it is necessary to filter the products with large particle size and keep the effective particles for grinding, so as to achieve the optimal hydrodynamic state. Hangzhou Dally filter element has excellent particle retention performance to improve the production cost-effectiveness of customers.
With the refinement requirements of processing line width, the cleaning control of products is more and more strict. The precipitation requirements of various pollutants and metal ions put forward higher requirements for the production of filter elements. Dali filtration provides high cleanliness products for process upgrading to ensure product quality.
The facility system needs to provide clean chemicals, ultra pure water and clean process gas for the entire fab. This puts forward high requirements for the stability and consistency of filter elements used in each section. Hangzhou Dali's large flow filter element, security filter element, high-precision folding filter element and perfluorinated filter element product series provide stable filtering service for factory system.
In the manufacturing process of flat panel display, the performance of filter products directly affects the quality and yield of finished products, especially in the high generation line, the problem of filter products will cause a large number of scrap and loss. Hangzhou Dali filter provides customers with stable and reliable products according to the requirements of various processes, analyzes and solves various process problems, optimizes products and reduces costs.
The power system needs to work continuously for a long time to provide clean chemicals, ultra pure water and clean process gas for high generation flat panel display manufacturing, which puts forward high requirements for the stability of filtration. Hangzhou Dali's filter products provide reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of flat panel display manufacturing power system.
As the key material of semiconductor manufacturing, clean electronic chemicals play a key role in the production process of semiconductor. Various electronic chemicals with different characteristics have different requirements for filter products, and have strict requirements for the cleanliness and low precipitation of filter products. Dali company uses advanced equipment and technology to strictly control the cleanliness of filter products, and produces low precipitation and low metal ion products.
In the digital information age, the storage medium has developed from paper carrier to a variety of new carrier storage media, such as hard disk, flash memory, U disk, SD card and so on. In order to manufacture portable and large capacity data storage products, the equipment and technology depend on the pollution control and filtration purification technology of each process. Hangzhou Dali develops and produces all kinds of advanced filtration products and related technologies to meet customers' personalized process and demand.

Food And Beverages

Food and beverage and people's daily necessities, whether consumers, government regulators, or the public, have put forward more stringent requirements for the food and beverage industry. The increase and replacement of raw material cost, the addition of new products, the introduction of new technology and new formula, and the implementation of new standards are all for the purpose of maximizing enterprise benefits and healthy development of the industry. The improvement and upgrading of membrane filtration process is indispensable. Hangzhou Dally has a number of independent intellectual property rights and a complete industrial chain from factory development and manufacturing to laboratory analysis and verification. Our solutions and filter products help more and more food and beverage manufacturers protect their brands and achieve their development goals.
About 6000 years ago, the Sumerians discovered a pleasant drink beer, which became popular all over the world. In order to maintain the unity of beer flavor, freshness and quality, the membrane filtration process needs to firmly control microorganisms, organic matter, clarification and better vision. Hangzhou Dally's has more than 20 years of development and manufacturing experience, combined with high flow filter cartridge and depth stack filter cartridge series provided by the laboratory, to ensure the stability and efficiency of the products.
The taste of wine is an organic combination of technology and art. Filtration technology plays an important role. Particles, crystals, residues, organic matter, bacteria and yeast microorganisms affect the wine body all the time, but there is a delicate balance. The whole process control is the best solution. Hangzhou Dali has many years of development and manufacturing experience, combined with laboratory validation and analysis services, gathered every solution and product, applied to brewing technology, so that customers can get full-bodied, pure taste, unique style of wine.
Soft drinks have become the mainstream commodity in residents' daily consumption. However, due to the change of residents' consumption concept to health and safety and the implementation of more stringent regulatory standards for the soft drinks industry, product adjustment and process equipment upgrading are imminent. Hangzhou Dally's filtration solutions and products cover the standards required for the filtration and separation of soft drinks, helping customers ensure that the products are compliant, nutritious and beautiful, and maintain unique flavor.
With the rapid development of economy and the change of people's eating habits, the production, supply and sales of dairy products are growing rapidly, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The filtration separation, degreasing, concentration and sterilization of dairy products should meet the dual requirements of product safety and nutritional value.
Hangzhou Dally has more than 20 years of development and manufacturing experience and excellent technical service team to help customers cope with the consumption upgrading and product structure adjustment of dairy products.
Water is an indispensable nutrient for human beings, but water in reality cannot be drunk due to various external factors. In order to achieve healthy drinking standards, water needs to be extremely harsh filtration, while retaining beneficial mineral elements. The water quality of different regions is very different. Dally filter provides efficient and economic solutions based on the field water quality to better meet the needs of the reality and development of enterprises.
A good fruit wine should be clear, transparent, without sediment and suspended solids, giving people a sense of clarity, and its color should be the unique pigment and fragrance of fruit juice. The membrane filtration process is carried out at room temperature, pure physical method filtration, without qualitative change in the separation process, and can remove bacteria, impurities, extracts and harmful substances. The fineness of filtration determines the quality of the wine. Hangzhou Dally combined with its laboratory to carry out verification and other tests to help customers find the most suitable filtration solution.
In the production of fruit juice, the maintenance of flavor and nutrition is the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry. The membrane filtration process is carried out at room temperature. Mild filtration helps to retain the original taste of raw materials, and remove bacteria, spores, gum, odor, bitterness, etc. it is a very promising technology of sterilization and clarification for juice drinks. Because the raw materials contain products that block the filter material, Darlly has rich process experience in selecting suitable filter products.
Hangzhou Dally's crude oil filtration and multi-stage precision edible oil filtration solutions solve the problems of difficult filtration and slag removal of soybean, peanut, rapeseed, castor oil in the oil industry, especially suitable for decolorization polishing filtration, clarification filtration, crystal filtration and other processes in oil production.
Fructose syrup is an important natural sweetener. Its functionality and economy make it an ideal substitute for white granulated sugar. In the production process of fructose syrup, temperature, viscosity, density and so on have higher requirements on the accuracy, strength, filtration efficiency and reuse of filter materials. There are various products and impurities in the syrup production process. The whole filtration process involves clarification and protection filtration, removal of insoluble protein, mechanical impurities, capture of activated carbon and final sterilization. Dally filter designs the most appropriate filtration solution according to the requirements of each process point of fructose glucose syrup, so as to achieve the best filtration effect and maintain economy.

Industrial Filtration

About Darlly, it has a number of independent intellectual property rights, complete production and office buildings, a building area of 32000 square meters, a clean production workshop of more than 3000 square meters and an advanced comprehensive laboratory of more than 700 square meters. The ratio of technical personnel is as high as 30%, realizing a complete system from scientific research to production. It has passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and has been rated as "Fuyang and Hangzhou municipal patent pilot enterprise", "Zhejiang high tech industry", "Darlly" brand has been recognized as "Hangzhou"
Electricity is a kind of clean energy, which is widely used in people's life. China is a country rich in coal resources, coal-fired power generation with mature technology is an obvious choice. Thermal power plants are widely distributed in various areas, desulfurization, denitration, dust removal, cleaning and safety are important issues. Hangzhou Dali's filtration solution ensures the long-term economic operation of thermal power plant and lean cost control.
China is a big vehicle manufacturing country, with the largest sales volume of new cars and car ownership in the world. There are welding, stamping, painting, power assembly and other production lines of automobile flow process, involving industrial materials, control system, special manufacturing equipment and other fields. To build a safe and controllable automobile industry chain is inseparable from the application of filtration process. Hangzhou Dally filtration solution is to promote the sustainable and healthy development of automobile industry.
With the development of real estate, automobile, shipping, furniture, storage tank and pipeline industries, the demand for paints and coatings has increased steadily. In the future, China's coating industry will develop to powder, water-based, high solid content, radiation curing, environmental protection, high quality and high efficiency. According to the requirements of coating fineness, Hangzhou Dally provides reliable filtration solutions to achieve excellent spraying quality.
Papermaking is a big water user. Various ingredients of papermaking are suspended in water and need to be processed by water (steam). Therefore, it is very dependent on high-quality water source. In response to the requirements of cleaner production and wastewater treatment and recycling, Hangzhou Dally overall filtration solution can help enterprises reduce the use of clean water, reduce wastewater discharge, reduce costs, and reduce environmental pollution.
Bearing is a high-precision industry, which is used to support the mechanical rotating body and reduce the friction coefficient of mechanical load in the process of transmission. Therefore, the cleanliness of components and assembly environment in bearing production are demanding, and the key process application product lubricant and kerosene must achieve higher cleanliness. Hangzhou Dally is an economic and reliable filtering solution to help enterprises cope with production challenges.
In order to realize the transformation of low-carbon economy, the rapid growth of energy demand, especially the demand for clean energy, continues to promote the development of China's natural gas industry. In the process of natural gas gathering and transportation, it is necessary to dehydrate, deamine and remove particles to ensure gas cleaning, safety and environmental protection. Hangzhou Dally is committed to providing mature and reliable filtration solutions for the natural gas industry.
With the steady growth of economy, the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, downstream customers have higher requirements for the quality stability of chemical products, and there is still a large room for improvement in China's chemical industry. The filtration process plays a key supporting role in the industrial upgrading and transformation. Dally carbon filter cartridge replacement parts utilizes the high-performance adsorption and volatility of activated carbon to provide strong support for the filtration industry needs of the chemical industry, ensures the chemical industry customers to seize the good opportunities and broad market in time.
In order to ensure clean production and continuous production, enterprises need to pay attention to green development and emission reduction development. Hangzhou Dally provides solutions covering all process nodes, which can effectively promote enterprise efficiency improvement, energy saving and emission reduction.
Green mining, rational use of resources, has become an important issue in the mining industry. Three filter products, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil filters of construction machinery and equipment are inseparable from the key application of filtration. The mine area water can be recycled after deep filtration treatment, which can not only meet the production water, but also meet the needs of some domestic water. Hangzhou Dally has accumulated sufficient experience in filtration to provide high-quality and reliable products for mining customers.
Food, medicine, daily chemical, electronic components, etc. need to provide standard identification, need to use inkjet / inkjet printing; ceramic inkjet printing, is an important method of ceramic body or glaze decoration, realize personalized design and manufacturing, save time and efficient mass production. For inkjet / inkjet printer / ceramic inkjet printing, there are strict requirements on the cleanliness of ink. Hangzhou Dally capsule filter cartridge solution is the key support to protect the nozzle and stabilize the spraying.

Water Treatment

People oriented, technology leading, integrity management, win-win cooperation. Our service philosophy is: the pursuit of excellent quality, to meet customer needs, continuous improvement, beyond customer expectations. "Good core, good core, good filter" is Dally people's constant pursuit. We will continue to innovate and introduce more and better products to meet the higher requirements of all walks of life for filtration and separation.
Water is a kind of life resource, which is necessary for the normal metabolism of human body. In order to ensure the safety of basic water use, China formulated and promulgated the sanitary standard for drinking water (GB5749-2006) as early as 2007. In reality, when people take the initiative to use water, the water quality is still difficult to really achieve health and quality. In order to protect health and ensure the quality of life, the drinking water treated by string wound filter cartridge to ensure healthy water.
Centralized supply of drinking water in the public environment (schools, hospitals, stations, restaurants, shopping malls, road administration, etc.) is a manifestation of social progress, which helps to improve the favor of consumers. Especially in the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the insufficient supplies of materials are becoming more and more important. Hangzhou Dali has more than 20 years of industry development experience, stable and efficient water treatment solutions, and constantly create value for customers and society.
With the improvement of living environment, swimming pool has become a new life scene, which is a popular healthy social way and a happy experience close to nature. Water resources also need to be "tested for a long time" to become safe, reliable and high-quality drinking water. Among them, filtering is essential to ensure the quality of life of residents.
Seawater desalination is an important way to reasonably develop water resources. Because it is convenient to take water from the sea, mature technology, high applicability and reasonable cost, it can effectively alleviate the shortage of water for human beings, cities, industry and agriculture. It has become a popular choice for many governments, regions and enterprises to solve the problem of water shortage. Dally PHF high flow filter cartridge technical solutions for seawater desalination are recognized by more and more customers for their effectiveness and reliability.


People oriented, technology leading, integrity management, win-win cooperation. Our service philosophy is: the pursuit of excellent quality, to meet customer needs, continuous improvement, beyond customer expectations. "Good core, good core, good filter" is Dally people's constant pursuit. We will continue to innovate and introduce more and better products to meet the higher requirements of all walks of life for filtration and separation.
People oriented, technology leading, integrity management, win-win cooperation. Our service philosophy is: the pursuit of excellent quality, to meet customer needs, continuous improvement, beyond customer expectations. "Good core, good core, good filter" is Dally people's constant pursuit. We will continue to innovate and introduce more and better products to meet the higher requirements of all walks of life for filtration and separation.
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