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Biopharmaceuticals will become one of the pillars of economic growth in China's powerful emerging industries. The production of drugs requires GMP objectives: aseptic drug environment, aseptic manufacturing process management, high standard cleaning ability, efficient recovery of active ingredients, and maximum elimination of all non target active substances, ions, toxins, lipids, proteins, Mycoplasma, colloids, particles, dust, pyrogen, etc The threat. Under the multiple pressures of industry filtration regulation, environmental management, raw material price rise, policy price reduction and drug sales restriction, enterprises need economic and efficient solutions to improve the effective components of target substances and reduce process costs. Hangzhou Dali Union's laboratories have established strong ties with biopharmaceuticals to help enterprises solve potential threats and continuously and efficiently produce to meet the challenges in production and operation.

Founded in 1996, Hangzhou Darlly Filtration Equipment Co.,Ltd.located in Fuyang, Hangzhou.

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  #1,Beishan Rd,Xindeng Industrial Park,Fuyang,Zhejiang Province
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  +86 571-63210677

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