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Fructose syrup is an important natural sweetener. Its functionality and economy make it an ideal substitute for white granulated sugar. In the production process of fructose syrup, temperature, viscosity, density and so on have higher requirements on the accuracy, strength, filtration efficiency and reuse of filter materials. There are various products and impurities in the syrup production process. The whole filtration process involves clarification and protection filtration, removal of insoluble protein, mechanical impurities, capture of activated carbon and final sterilization. Hangzhou Dali designs the most appropriate filtration solution according to the requirements of each process point of fructose glucose syrup, so as to achieve the best filtration effect and maintain economy.

Founded in 1996, Hangzhou Darlly Filtration Equipment Co.,Ltd.located in Fuyang, Hangzhou.

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  #1,Beishan Rd,Xindeng Industrial Park,Fuyang,Zhejiang Province
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