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  • What is the working process of the PP Pleated Filter Cartridges?
    PP Pleated Filter Cartridges can assist the water purifier to filter out more than 100 kinds of impurities in water, including some heavy metals in water, sediment and rust, residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, bacteria and viruses in water, etc., which are only a part of them. For more
  • What is the use value of N66 Pleated Filter Cartridges?
    N66 Pleated Filter Cartridges are composed of high-quality and efficient polypropylene microfiber membranes, with a folded depth filter core, which has a large membrane filtration area and a large flux. No fiber shedding, low acid and alkali resistance, low high pressure difference, strong dirt holding capacity and long service life.
  • What is the role of PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridges?
    PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridges are constructed of hydrophilic PTFE membrane with excellent chemical compatibility, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for the filtration of solvent-containing liquids and corrosive fluids. The membrane is hydrophilic and can directly filter
  • What is the important use value of PP pleated filter cartridges?
    PP pleated filter candles are widely used and can be used for coarse filtration, intermediate filtration or fine filtration; the processing flow per filtration surface unit is large, the filtration resistance is small, and the filtration efficiency is high; Comparative devices such as filters, raw water pre-filters and fine filters have the advantages of low investment costs, long service life and low filtration costs while achieving the same filtration effect.
  • What do you know about PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridges?
    PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridges have excellent oxidation and chemical resistance, wide applicability, excellent chemical compatibility, and good oxidation resistance. What is the difference between PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridges and PP Pleated Filter Cartridges?What are the relevant parameters for PT
  • What do the parameters about the PP pleated filter cartridge mean?
    PP pleated filter cartridges​ are mainly used for air filtration in construction locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, sterile operating theatres and various precision operating theatres.
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