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How to maintain BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge?

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The content of the food industry is very complicated, mainly including the production processes of sugar, meat, brewing, dairy processing, etc. The discharged wastewater contains organic matter and has strong oxygen consumption, and a large amount of suspended matter will be discharged with the wastewater. In the case of animal food processing, the discharged wastewater also contains animal excrement, blood, fur, etc., and may also contain germs, so the wastewater from the food industry is highly polluting. The wastewater from food industry can be treated by filtering, and the wastewater is purified and reused with high value of material recycling and significant economic and environmental benefits. But food industry wastewater purifiers are sometimes damaged. And call the after-sales service is a time-consuming and labor-intensive method, and some small problems are not worth letting the after-sales service. So, what should we do about it? So, how do we determine the life of the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge? And what is the maintenance method of the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge?

Here is the content list:

  • How to judge the service life

  • Maintenance rules

How to judge the service life

The cartridge is a very important industrial part and it is also the core of our industrial filter. Generally speaking, the service life of the cartridge varies according to the raw material. As the use time increases, the probability of impurities blocking it will also become larger. Of course, these theories do not represent the service life of the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge in actual use, but the actual service life of the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge has a lot to do with maintenance.

Maintenance rules

To use special cleaning agent cleaning or in the cleaning process, sprinkle some salt in the paper sheet, soak in water for about half an hour and then rinse clean with water. If there is something dirty inside the paper sheet, you need to wipe it clean with your fingers or fiber cloth. Be careful not to use too much force to damage the paper sheet or pull out the silk.

Never, do not use a shoe brush, wire ball, toothbrush, or other hard tools to clean the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge when performing maintenance, as this will easily cause the paper sheet of the cartridge to pile up and affect the filtration effect. In general, the cartridge can be cleaned once every 2-3 days. If you find that the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge is dirty faster, it may indicate that there is a problem with the water quality, and it is recommended to carry out regular pipe cleaning work.

In fact, the BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge determines the degree of environmental impact. If the filter cartridge is not replaced for a long time, it may form "secondary pollution" to the filtered water, so the food industry wastewater purifier must be maintained and replaced in the daily use of BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge. Our BDS Series Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge is 100% integrity tested and no fibers are shed after re-filtration.

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