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It is a high-tech filter element testing laboratory with various professional testing capabilities, such as flow differential pressure test, filtration efficiency test, integrity test, high temperature aging test, SDI test, TOC test, bubble point test, filtration life test, pressure test, pressure maintaining test, metal ion test, etc, Dali company serves the display panel manufacturing industry and is a leading technology innovation company in the domestic filtering industry. Provide excellent filtration solutions for panel manufacturing, electronic chemicals, new energy and other industries, help customers improve their technical level and product yield, including etching and developing in LCD and OLED manufacturing process.

CMP filtration

In the CMP process of "bingjiabizheng", to flatten the silicon wafer or other substrate materials, it is necessary to filter the products with large particle size and keep the effective particles for grinding, so as to achieve the optimal hydrodynamic state. Hangzhou Dali filter element has excellent particle retention performance to improve the production cost-effectiveness of customers.

Lithography process

With the refinement requirements of processing line width, the cleaning control of products is more and more strict. The precipitation requirements of various pollutants and metal ions put forward higher requirements for the production of filter elements. Dali filtration provides high cleanliness products for process upgrading to ensure product quality.

Factory management system

The facility system needs to provide clean chemicals, ultra pure water and clean process gas for the entire fab. This puts forward high requirements for the stability and consistency of filter elements used in each section. Hangzhou Dali's large flow filter element, security filter element, high-precision folding filter element and perfluorinated filter element product series provide stable filtering service for factory system.

Process technology

In the manufacturing process of flat panel display, the performance of filter products directly affects the quality and yield of finished products, especially in the high generation line, the problem of filter products will cause a large number of scrap and loss. Hangzhou Dali filter provides customers with stable and reliable products according to the requirements of various processes, analyzes and solves various process problems, optimizes products and reduces costs.

Dynamic system

The power system needs to work continuously for a long time to provide clean chemicals, ultra pure water and clean process gas for high generation flat panel display manufacturing, which puts forward high requirements for the stability of filtration. Hangzhou Dali's filter products provide reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of flat panel display manufacturing power system.

Electronic chemicals

As the key material of semiconductor manufacturing, clean electronic chemicals play a key role in the production process of semiconductor. Various electronic chemicals with different characteristics have different requirements for filter products, and have strict requirements for the cleanliness and low precipitation of filter products. Dali company uses advanced equipment and technology to strictly control the cleanliness of filter products, and produces low precipitation and low metal ion products.

Data storage

In the digital information age, the storage medium has developed from paper carrier to a variety of new carrier storage media, such as hard disk, flash memory, U disk, SD card and so on. In order to manufacture portable and large capacity data storage products, the equipment and technology depend on the pollution control and filtration purification technology of each process. Hangzhou Dali develops and produces all kinds of advanced filtration products and related technologies to meet customers' personalized process and demand.
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